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Microsoft Component Redistribution
Posted:   Friday January 8, 1999
Updated:   Monday December 26, 2011
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Can I or Can't I?  The FAQ on redistributing popular controls or libraries that are often used in VB development.


Control Redistributable Notes References

Microsoft Internet Control


No Shdocvw.dll is a core component of Internet Explorer (IE). Under current redistribution policy you are not allowed to redistribute IE in your application. Therefore, Shdocvw.dll is not included in your setup package.

To enable the functionality of the Microsoft Internet Controls, users of your application are required to have Internet Explorer installed on their machines.

Wang / Kodak Imaging Control


No IMGEDIT is considered part of the Windows operating system. End users must have Wang/Kodak Imaging installed as an accessory. This control is not for redistribution, so the control must already be present on the destination machines for any projects that use it.

The control is limited to an image with the size 18,000 pixels by 18,000 pixels. This limit has been confirmed by Eastman Software. This limitation is not found in the Imaging Professional 2.0 product available from Eastman Software.

Imaging Readme (see CD)
Microsoft Office Forms 2.0 Object Library
No The Fm20.dll is NOT redistributable. You must have an application such as Microsoft Office 97 on the target system that installs Fm20.dll as part of its setup. You may not distribute the Fm20.dll as part of your setup, even if you purchase the Microsoft Office Developer Edition product.

As an alternative to having your end users install Microsoft Office, you can have them freely download and install the Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad, which also installs the Fm20.dll. 

NOTE: The use of these Microsoft Forms components in your own compiled applications, such as those written with Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic, is not recommended or supported. These controls were designed and tested to work exclusively within Microsoft Office and its Visual Basic for Applications environment.

Microsoft Office Calendar Control
Microsoft Access 97 ships with MSCal.ocx version, which is only redistributable if you own a copy of Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition.


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