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URLDownloadToFile: Obtain Machine's Public IP Behind Router
Posted:   Wednesday January 05, 2005
Updated:   Monday November 28, 2011
Applies to:   VB4-32, VB5, VB6
Developed with:   VB6, Windows XP
OS restrictions:   None
Author:   VBnet - Randy Birch


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URLDownloadToFile: Obtain Machine's Public IP Behind Router

DHCP IP address.

I have a page at I was hosting a page which could be used by anyone to return their public IP address, however due to it being used by spammers, Trojans and viruses it has been taken down. When viewed in a browser the page shows only the IP with no other text making scraping the page easier than those containing other information.  Using the fast and transparent URLDownloadToFile API the resulting file has a bit of html and java code in it which requires parsing, and is the subject of this demo.

Essentially the code uses the familiar UrlDownloadToFile call, with a DeleteUrlCacheEntry call for good measure, to retrieve the file to a local file path, where it is loaded into a buffer and parsed to extract the IP address string embedded in the file. All pretty straightforward, this is really the only mechanism available to identify the public IP address on machines served a DHCP address by their DSL router.

 BAS Module Code

 Form Code
Drop a command button (Command1), and two text boxes (Text1 and Text2) onto a form along with the following code. The labels shown are optional.

Option Explicit
' Copyright 1996-2011 VBnet/Randy Birch, All Rights Reserved.
' Some pages may also contain other copyrights by the author.
' Distribution: You can freely use this code in your own
'               applications, but you may not reproduce 
'               or publish this code on any web site,
'               online service, or distribute as source 
'               on any media without express permission.
Private Const ERROR_SUCCESS As Long = 0
Private Const MAX_ADAPTER_NAME_LENGTH As Long = 256

   IpAddr(0 To 15) As Byte
End Type

   IpMask(0 To 15) As Byte
End Type

   dwNext As Long
   dwContext As Long
End Type

   dwNext As Long
   ComboIndex As Long  'reserved
   sAdapterName(0 To (MAX_ADAPTER_NAME_LENGTH + 3)) As Byte
   sDescription(0 To (MAX_ADAPTER_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH + 3)) As Byte
   dwAddressLength As Long
   sIPAddress(0 To (MAX_ADAPTER_ADDRESS_LENGTH - 1)) As Byte
   dwIndex As Long
   uType As Long
   uDhcpEnabled As Long
   CurrentIpAddress As Long
   IpAddressList As IP_ADDR_STRING
   GatewayList As IP_ADDR_STRING
   DhcpServer As IP_ADDR_STRING
   bHaveWins As Long
   PrimaryWinsServer As IP_ADDR_STRING
   SecondaryWinsServer As IP_ADDR_STRING
   LeaseObtained As Long
   LeaseExpires As Long
End Type

Private Declare Function GetAdaptersInfo Lib "iphlpapi.dll" _
  (pTcpTable As Any, _
   pdwSize As Long) As Long
Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" _
   Alias "RtlMoveMemory" _
  (dst As Any, _
   src As Any, _
   ByVal bcount As Long)
Private Declare Function URLDownloadToFile Lib "urlmon" _
   Alias "URLDownloadToFileA" _
  (ByVal pCaller As Long, _
   ByVal szURL As String, _
   ByVal szFileName As String, _
   ByVal dwReserved As Long, _
   ByVal lpfnCB As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function DeleteUrlCacheEntry Lib "Wininet.dll" _
   Alias "DeleteUrlCacheEntryA" _
  (ByVal lpszUrlName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function lstrlenW Lib "kernel32" _
  (ByVal lpString As Long) As Long

Private Sub Form_Load()

   Command1.Caption = "Get Public IP"
   Text1.Text = LocalIPAddress()
   Text2.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()

   Text2.Text = GetPublicIP()
End Sub

Private Function GetPublicIP()

   Dim sSourceUrl As String
   Dim sLocalFile As String
   Dim hfile As Long
   Dim buff As String
   Dim pos1 As Long
   Dim pos2 As Long
  'site returning IP address
   sSourceUrl = ""
   sLocalFile = "c:\ip.txt"
  'ensure this file does not exist in the cache
   Call DeleteUrlCacheEntry(sSourceUrl)

  'download the public IP file,
  'read into a buffer and delete
   If DownloadFile(sSourceUrl, sLocalFile) Then
      hfile = FreeFile
      Open sLocalFile For Input As #hfile
         buff = Input$(LOF(hfile), hfile)
      Close #hfile

     'look for the IP line
      pos1 = InStr(buff, "var ip =")
     'if found,
      If pos1 Then
        'get position of first and last single
        'quotes around address (e.g. '')
         pos1 = InStr(pos1 + 1, buff, "'", vbTextCompare) + 1
         pos2 = InStr(pos1 + 1, buff, "'", vbTextCompare) '- 1
        'return the IP address
         GetPublicIP = Mid$(buff, pos1, pos2 - pos1)

         GetPublicIP = "(unable to parse IP)"
      End If  'pos1
      Kill sLocalFile
      GetPublicIP = "(unable to access shtml page)"
   End If  'DownloadFile
End Function

Private Function DownloadFile(ByVal sURL As String, _
                             ByVal sLocalFile As String) As Boolean
   DownloadFile = URLDownloadToFile(0, sURL, sLocalFile, 0, 0) = ERROR_SUCCESS
End Function

Private Function LocalIPAddress() As String
   Dim cbRequired As Long
   Dim buff() As Byte
   Dim ptr1 As Long
   Dim sIPAddr As String
   Dim Adapter As IP_ADAPTER_INFO
   Call GetAdaptersInfo(ByVal 0&, cbRequired)

   If cbRequired > 0 Then
      ReDim buff(0 To cbRequired - 1) As Byte
      If GetAdaptersInfo(buff(0), cbRequired) = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
        'get a pointer to the data stored in buff()
         ptr1 = VarPtr(buff(0))

         Do While (ptr1 <> 0)
           'copy the data from the pointer to the
           'first adapter into the IP_ADAPTER_INFO type
            CopyMemory Adapter, ByVal ptr1, LenB(Adapter)
            With Adapter
              'the DHCP IP address is in the
              'IpAddress.IpAddr member
               sIPAddr = TrimNull(StrConv(.IpAddressList.IpAddress.IpAddr, vbUnicode))
               If Len(sIPAddr) > 0 Then Exit Do

               ptr1 = .dwNext
            End With  'With Adapter
        'ptr1 is 0 when (no more adapters)
         Loop  'Do While (ptr1 <> 0)

      End If  'If GetAdaptersInfo
   End If  'If cbRequired > 0

  'return any string found
   LocalIPAddress = sIPAddr
End Function

Private Function TrimNull(startstr As String) As String

   TrimNull = Left$(startstr, lstrlenW(StrPtr(startstr)))
End Function


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